Dear Bean


Dear Bean,

I apologize for the times that I get frustrated with you. I know you are only crying because you are hungry, tired, or dirty, and that it is the only way you can express your dissatisfaction with the world. This time, the half hour of crying was a precursor to an epic poop, which, once out, was followed by many smiles.

It’s funny how your smiles make everything better. They make frustrations vanish in a flash. And they derail a conversation or train of thought in an instant. Sometimes, as I’m sitting and talking to your mom, you look at me and smile and I can do nothing but smile back. I forget what I was saying. I lose my entire train of thought. All because of the smile of a 12lb little boy.

I love you little man. Even in my frustration, I am filled with nothing but love for all the joy you bring to my life.


Your Dad


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