No time for “I’ll get to it”

An important lesson that I am learning as a parent, is there is no room for phrases like, “I’ll get to it” or “I’ve been meaning to do that,” in reference to your child.

Bean is now four months old, and I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by and how quickly he is changing. There is no time to “get to it,” you have to “just do it”. (Thanks Nike) Every day is something new. Yesterday he laughed for the first time, like full on baby laugh, it was so cute. And he smiles so much now, and is getting quite responsive. He hears us enter the room and looks over, he smiles back when I smile at him, and he’s learning to interact with the toys we put around him. Oh, and his little squeals of happiness are so awesome. He’s a pretty quite baby for the most part, so it makes the times when he does make sounds all the more exciting.

It’s for this reason that I won’t be taking classes during the spring and summer semesters. I was going to continue taking classes then, in order to finish this degree as soon as possible, but I want to spend the time with my son. He’ll be at an age where he’s a lot more active, and interactive, and I want to take advantage of my time off to spend it all with him. They weather will be perfect, it will be gardening season, and we’ll be spending lots of time outside.

Bean 4 months old
Bean at 4 months in his new diapers

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