Dear Bean

Please go to sleep

Dear Bean,

Please go to sleep. You are tired, and that’s why you are crying. I know your life is tough, and there are so many injustices in the world, but if you go to sleep, you’ll feel much better. I’m going to come up and put your soother in one last time, but after that I’m just going to turn the monitor down and let you cry. So it would be in your best interest to go to sleep. Everything is better after sleeping.


Your Dad

(5 min later) P.S. It isn’t fair to smile and giggle and try to talk to me when I give you your soother. That just makes me pick you up and rock you to sleep, because I can’t resist your cuteness.


2 thoughts on “Please go to sleep

  1. Ooops sorry Storage – I started a new [private blog] to track my sodium intake – so this is ME, SkippyMom. lol It logged me in as “imworthmysalt” and PS? I hate wordpress. It is so hard to use.

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