What is “the doghouse”?

I’ve never understood this concept of “the doghouse.” I’m not talking about the physical structure in which your canine companion sleeps; I’m talking about the social construct in which a man ends up when he screws up (or something). This isn’t something that happens in my relationship with my wife, but it is brought up with regularity on TV and in movies, so it must be based off some real-world thing. But I don’t understand it. What is it called when the wife screws up? Is there a cathouse or something?

On a similar note, what is with husbands and sleeping on the couch when there is a problem in the relationship? And it doesn’t necessarily have to be because he did something wrong, it can be for any number of reasons that his partner is pissed, but the result is the same, with him on the couch. Now I’m curious, does this actually happen in real life? Do husbands actually sleep on couches when their partner is pissed off? This is another thing that doesn’t happen in our house. Why doesn’t she sleep on the couch? What gives her all the power? Isn’t the bed just as much his as it is hers? So maybe someone could explain these things to me. I understand they are often used for comedic relief, but again, they must be based off some real-world practice. Maybe my wife and I are just awesome, so we don’t have to deal with things like this? 🙂


6 thoughts on “What is “the doghouse”?

  1. well we *are pretty awesome… 😉 i feel like it’s a throwback to 60s sit-coms, except the parents always made up by the end of leave-it-to-beaver (if they ever fought at all…) i don’t get it either, honey.

  2. We at the Best house hold do not get this either. Fred in the Past has slept a couple of nights in the spare room but it had nothing to do with a fight. More the snoring of his very pregnant wife.

  3. We don’t really believe in the dog house. James has been mad enough to ‘pretend’ to sleep on the couch.. Started off there and then has come to bed. But then I have done that as well.There is also the opposing ‘christian’ theory that I have never really subscribed to either.. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.. Or in other words, don’t go to sleep angry. I have gone to sleep angry.Its funny how petty and immature fights from the previous nights seem in the morning after a good nights sleep. But I digress.. The doghouse is something of fiction, I believe.

  4. While I understand the concept of the dreaded doghouse, I have not yet had to experience it.

    In a way, I am glad, because our couch is actually the most uncomfortable futon in the whole world (trust me: we’ve checked EVERY futon).

    You’re a geek, just like me, so you might appreciate my chart, on days I’ve slept on the couch vs days I’ve slept in our bed:


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