Patience and Forgiveness

Sometimes the easy way isn’t the best way. Like those times when God gives us the opportunity to practice forgiveness and patience. It’s easy to sit there and wallow in the hurt and injustice. It’s easy to retort with words and actions intended to inflict hurt back. While these make you feel better at that moment, it is a superficial feeling of vindication. There are no lasting effects, no long term healing.

Our ego is a powerful thing, as is our want to prove that we are right. It almost feels worse to have to sit there and take it without responding in kind. But by keeping your mouth shut, and keeping your ego in check, the stage is set for future healing. And that’s hard.

You can’t change the way other people feel about you, but you do have control over your own feelings and actions. Staying angry is a waste of energy, and it does nothing but fester more hurt and pain.

So practice the discipline of self-control, and when God gives you the opportunity to be patient and forgive, embrace it and learn from it. It’s going to suck at first, and it’s going to feel like you are on the losing end of things, but stick with it and shit will work itself out in the end.

Won’t it?


2 thoughts on “Patience and Forgiveness

  1. A small but important distinction: I would say that we cannot control our feelings, but we can control the actions we take as a result of them.

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