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Missing Work

I’ve been on parental leave for almost 4 months now, and when I was checking my email today, I had my first feeling of missing work.

When I first started my leave, I was amazed at how little I actually checked my email. As an IT guy, my email is my lifeline; if it goes down, I’m lost. So the fact that I didn’t check it for days at a time amazed my co-workers. And me. I mean, I had other things to do right? I was a brand new dad! There were pictures to take. And naps. And periods of sitting and staring at this little thing I had helped create and watch come to life in my living room. It’s not like I was spending hours sitting around on my ass watching TV and eating junk. I was (and still am) in a state of constant amazement.

Earlier, I was looking through our forums (I’m an IT Guy for a school division and there are 12 techs and 25 schools, so we use a sort of email BBS to keep in contact) and catching up on everything that was happening, and realized that I missed being there. I missed being a part of the team. Being a part of what was going on. The rest of the techs recently received their Apple certification, but I missed out on it. They said I could get it in the fall when I return, which is great, but I still felt like I was missing out.

I miss my job; I was really good at it. I’m an excellent IT guy, and while I do still do some computer work, I do miss large scale stuff in enterprise scale stuff.

But while I miss it, and was really good at it. I enjoy being a dad more. 🙂


One thought on “Missing Work

  1. I would hope everyone loved being a parent more than work 😀 – but I have to say a job that you like/love has it’s benefits in that it can to help make you a better parent – you appreciate your time with your kids more and you are able to provide.

    I know you and Ms. Storage will find a wonderful balance for Bean. We all do … trust me.

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