Dear Bean

Screecher Creature

Dear Bean,

I know you are cute and all, but I’m hoping this new “screecher creature” phase doesn’t last too terribly long. 🙂 It is a tad on the loud side, and there doesn’t seem to be any discernible pattern. Happy? Screeching. Annoyed? Screeching. Being ignored? Screeching.

I did try and have a screeching match with you, but lost. I just can’t match the high pitch you manage to achieve. It is beyond comprehension, and quite amazing actually.

Along with your new vocal exercises, I’m enjoying your newly discovered tongue. And a word of advise, you don’t need to tongue everything that comes in contact with your lips. I know you want to taste everything, and I’m sure there are some pretty interesting textures, but your fingers work quite well at discovering things like textures. I know breast milk must be getting boring, but we’ll change that up for you in the next month or so, just be patient.




2 thoughts on “Screecher Creature

  1. Lol.. Oh toys in the mouth slobber everywhere.. I really don’t miss that stage of development. 😀 I remember the first few weeks of Kya progressing past that to the next equally challenging ‘scoop and pour’ stage. Nope! Can’t say that I miss that at all.. That and changing diapers, so glad that’s over.

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