Dear Bean · Fatherhood Friday

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Solids!

Happy Fatherhood Friday! Here’s my latest letter to my son:

Dear Bean,

This week we took our first steps together toward a life of solid food, not just liquids. It has been an interesting experience, but I’m so impressed at how quickly you are learning. Right now we are only doing rice cereal, but I am do excited to move up to things that actually have color. (and i’m wondering if it will change the color of your poop…)

Our first foray into the world outside of breast milk was on Tuesday when your mom and I attempted to feed you some rice cereal. It made a HUGE mess, and you didn’t quite understand how to keep the food in your mouth, but figured out that you should be opening your mouth for the spoon and even leaned forward with mouth opened wide in expectation. Later in the day I attempted to feed you some more cereal and it was quite the experience. Some tips:

  1. Don’t talk with food in your mouth.
  2. The same goes for screaming, laughing, or blowing bubbles. I might be laughing, but it’s not actually funny and makes a big mess. 🙂
  3. When I put a spoonful of food in your mouth, don’t just push it out with your tongue.
Open Wide

Yesterday we continued working on this new path, and were pleasantly surprised with the learning you’d done. Not only did you open your mouth when you were supposed to, and swallowed the vast majority, you got upset when we ran out, letting us know you were actually getting food, and wanted more. That made me so happy. We moved up from 1 tablespoon to 2. So exciting!

Today was even better! You put away 2 tablespoons with little effort, and even less mess. Seriously, I’m just so amazed. I hear these stories of people introducing their children to solids and more of it running down their faces than going in their mouth. This isn’t happening with you! So awesome!

Dad feeding Bean

Tomorrow we’ll go for 3 tablespoons at each of your three meals and see how that goes. It’s nice to supplement the milk with more food. Wake up, get some boobage, play with mom and dad, eat some cereal, go to sleep, rinse and repeat. 🙂 Quite the life you have there little man.

Your mom and I are also excited about the weight gain this should induce. See right now you are 13.25lbs, which, at 5.5 months puts you in something like the 3rd percentile. This means that 97% of babies out there that are your age are bigger than you. 🙂 At your mom’s breastfeeding group yesterday there was a 6 week old that was already 14lbs. Now you’re perfectly healthy, and we don’t really need to be worried, but we will still be excited to see you put a little meat on your bones. I mean, have you seen your parents? We aren’t in the 3rd percentile.

So I’m excited to see how your weight has changed come your next weigh-in on Wednesday, and I’m even more excited to the introduction of veggies which we figure we’ll do when you hit the 6 month mark in 2 short weeks. No big rush.

Fatherhood is such an exciting time. I love all these little milestones.


Your Dad

First Meal Done

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Wonderful World of Solids!

  1. It is a daisy chain of milestones that is so great to travel and find the next link in the chain that will eventually see him all grown up. Cool letter

  2. Dude. I haven’t been where you are in fatherhood for a long time. It was nice to revisit the memories of our little ones’ little milestones through your story.

  3. Congratulations on the food mile stone. I really like the idea of writing letters to your kids. I’m sure you already know this but don’t worry too much about weight percent tile. It will likely change soon enough.

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