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A God Moment

Sometimes it amazes me how God just shows up and works in my life. At times like that I just sit in awe, amazed at his awesome glory.

Yesterday sucked. I received a B on my term paper in my History of Christianity class, and it may as well have been an F, I was so disappointed with myself. There were a ton of comments throughout the paper, which I am so thankful for, so I do understand why it was a B. I still think it was worthy of a B+ for a first year class, but that’s just my opinion. That mood set the tone for the whole day, and it ended up being a shitty sort of day.

But today. Today, that all changed. Today I received an A on my term paper for my Bib. Lit. class. An A I think I deserved. It was a fairly well written paper about the Lord’s Prayer, and I am quite happy with it. And then things got even better. 🙂

As I was walking out of school on my way to my car, a lady comes running out of the school calling my name. Weird, I don’t know this woman. So she confirms I am who she is looking for, and then asks if I am/was an IT guy. “Yes, yes I am. Why do you ask?” So it turns out they are looking for some students to do IT work around the school for the coming school year. It’s only about $10/hr but it is on campus, and it’s about 10 hours a week. How awesome would that be! And it turns out that they are also in need of a half-time IT person, which isn’t a student job, but a “real” job. This has the potential to be right up my alley, and could be perfect. I’m not sure what the hours are like, but working part-time could really help on the money front with being back in school.

What really touched me about the whole thing was that a month or so ago I was talking to my Bib Lit prof and she told me that CMU was hiring an IT guy. I checked it out, but it was fulltime, so I just let it drop. I thought about sending in my resume and just letting them know I was interested in case there was something else, but nothing came of that. And then when I heard about the student jobs on campus I was going to email and ask if they had computer type jobs for students, but because I’m lazy, it never happened.

So it just blew me away when I was tracked down to apply for these computer jobs. I mean, that’s God showing up right there. It was pretty amazing. So I’m going to update my resume and hand it in tomorrow, as well as email the HR lady about the half-time position to find more info about it. It would be amazing if something actually panned out with this and could potentially make life much easier. It could mean slightly more child-care, which we really haven’t looked into at all, and were trying to avoid, but we’ll cross that hurdle when we come to it.


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