Dear Bean

Bean visits a farm

Dear Bean,

I love being able to do more with you as you are getting older. I know you still don’t comprehend much of what is going on around you, but you are definitely getting more interactive with your environment and that makes things so much more exciting! It has been an exciting week of visits. This past week we went to a new church and you got a little taste of Catholicism, a breakfast outing to Denny’s, and a trip to your mom’s clinic to hang out for the morning. This on top of your regular church outing and Wednesday mom’s group with your mom.

Hanging out at Denny's
Trying to steal Dad's coffee

Today we went to visit a farm. Other than dogs, you’ve never really experienced animals before, so there was lots to see and experience. There were pigs, and chickens, a big mean goose, and LOTS of goats. The baby goats, were the cutest. They were just like little puppies and your mom quite enjoyed playing with them. I was carrying you around in your Baby Bjorn, but we didn’t go into the pen with the goats. You did get to pet one though, which was pretty awesome.

Checking out one of the momma pigs
Mom playing with the baby goats
Bean's first experience with a goat

I’m looking forward to going on more fun outings with you. Spring is here, so I’m sure we’ll have ample opportunity in the coming months to see lots of new and exciting things!




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