Fatherhood Friday

6 months old!

Fatherhood Friday at Dad Blogs
Where has the time gone? How did it go by so fast? Those first two weeks were the longest weeks of my life, so what happened to the last 5 1/2 months? I can hardly believe that my little guy turned 6 months old yesterday. That’s insane (and also means I only have 4 months left on my parental leave)!

It is amazing the changes that have started taking place though, and they are coming at a pretty rapid pace. For the first few months things happened, and he grew, but for the most part it was a lot of sleeping and crying and staring. But now he’s growing and changing so quickly, it’s pretty amazing. Here’s where he’s at:

  • He smiles. Alot. When we smile at him, he smiles back. And he’s starting to laugh a lot too.
  • He’s interactive. Both with us when we play with him, and with the world around him. He loves sitting in his Bumbo on the table looking out the window.
  • He likes to babble. He’s learned hard consonants, and says adada (which i interpret to mean he is talking to me, and knows my name).
  • He’s loving rice cereal, which we started a couple of weeks ago, but is picky. Originally we bought Whole grain rice cereal, and he loved it, and then we bought normal rice cereal and he would just spit it all out. Great, a little hippy already.
  • He can roll over from front to back (but doesn’t usually do it), but I haven’t seen him do it from back to front yet.
  • Yesterday he weighed in at 13lbs 12oz. and is about 24 or 25″. Yup, that puts him below the 5th percentile in both. I have a skinny little guy, which makes me laugh since he doesn’t get that from his parents. đŸ™‚

We’ve been waiting until he was 6 months to start feeding him other types of solid foods, so I think we’ll celebrate his half-birthday with some carrots today and see how that goes. I’m so excited to try all of these new things with him.

Everyone tells me this next 6 months are even more fun than the last and he gets more of a personality and more interactive. I’m so excited for it all. This dad thing is really awesome! It’s been an amazing 6 months, and I can’t believe I get to do this for the rest of my life.

2 days old
2 weeks old
2 weeks old with Giraffey
1 month old
2 months old
3 months old
4 months old
5 months old
6 months old

7 thoughts on “6 months old!

  1. He looks awfully suspicious of the giraffe! I think the whole adventure is fun, but I guess people are right about the second 6 months in that he’ll become much more expressive and you’ll start to see the personality he’ll grow into.

  2. What a little cute dude you have there! I love the pics with the giraffe – shows that he has grown quite a bit I think.

    I think you’ll have a lot of fun over the next six months too. Funny how those first two weeks seem to take two months. It was a long time for us too.

  3. The second six months is a lot more active with learning stuff…though I’m only through the first 3 months of the second six months (whew, that would be a mouth full…glad I’m only typing!) Not gonna lie, though, as much as I love to make him laugh and hear him say “DaDa” (and he’s saying “Daddy” more and more), I still long for those days when he was sooo tiny and I could just sit and look at him without him trying to somersault out of my arms:)

    One thing I’m learning is to not put a lot of emphasis on each milestone, because it gets here before you know it and then you miss out a little on the time it took to get there.

  4. @Clark Kent: We liked the idea of having something to gauge his growth each month and the giraffe seemed perfect.

    @The Devoted Dad: I can’t believe how many photo’s we’ve taken in the first six months! We carry it everywhere and are constantly uploading from the camera.

    @Keith: It’s awesome seeing his personality develop. He’s becoming a little human instead of a baby.

    @chris: (for the record, i love how many dad’s named chris i know. so many great guys i share a name with) It was nice when I found out that many people struggle with the first 2 weeks. It made me feel a little better.

    @Ben: Smiles are wonderful. At first they are so random, but now he’s at the stage where he is smiling all the time. It’s awesome!

    @Brandon: I’m looking forward to the beginings of words. There’s lots of “adada” now, but it’s just babbling. When he starts associating, it’ll be even more amazing. I totally understand about the milestone thing. They are nice for gauging where he’s at in terms of what to expect, but I hate all the competition some people put on it.

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