Dear Bean

First Tooth!

Dear Bean

It has been a long time since I last rocked you to sleep. But it is nice to know why our napping has been so rocky lately, or part of the reason anyway; you have teeth! Well one anyway, and I think the second one might be on its way also!

I felt it yesterday morning, but wasn’t sure it was actually a tooth. People always talk about this ‘bud’ you are supposed to get first, but this felt like it was a bit of tooth already through the gums. But what do I know, I’m just as new to this as you are. 🙂 But, lo-and-behold, today I see the tip of a little tooth! It is your bottom, front, right one, and I think the left one is coming too. I think it is that ‘bud’ that I’ve been told about.

But along with the teeth comes extreme crankyness. Everytime we try and put you down to sleep you cry. And cry. And cry. We’ve been taking you out of bed to hang out with us a little longer, and when you start getting grumpy again we put you to bed and you are tired enough to just go to sleep.

Tonight that didn’t work and so I just sat upstairs with you and rocked you to sleep. It was really nice because it has been a long time. I will admit that I sat there and rocked you quite a bit longer than I needed to because I actually kind of miss it.

I’ve been looking forward to your first teeth, and while Mom won’t like them when you are breastfeeding, I just think they will look super cute when you smile.

I’m really glad you and I are going through this whole father-son thing together. You’re more than I could have ever asked for and make every day complete.




3 thoughts on “First Tooth!

  1. Beautiful! I wish I had thought of these letters for my own blog. I was too busy imagining the conversations we’d be having if he could talk in my “conversations with dad” posts. Capturing your exact thoughts at a moment in time for Bean will be a great gift one day.

  2. Remember to Catch The Tooth Fairy in the act. Now you can catch her for FREE. Enter coupon code “fairy-proof”. In 3 simple steps anyone can upload a photo, add the Tooth Fairy, and print it out or share it via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. Imagine the look of wonder and surprise when a child receives a photo of the Tooth Fairy caught in their room.

    Pass it on…

  3. Thanks Brandon, I actually love your posts of conversations between the two of you. 🙂 I might have to adopt the idea and use it on occasion.

    And thanks Steven, while I think the idea is totally cheesy, it’s actually kinda neat. 🙂

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