Music Monday

Music Monday I

Currently one of the top played songs on my iTunes for the past month or so, I’m really loving Owl City’s second single, Vanilla Twilight. “‘Cause the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.” Such a beautiful song. I think it is kind of weird that I like these guys because I despise Postal Service, which are really quite similar.

Vanilla Twilight – Owl City

I am a HUGE Meat Loaf fan, and this is the first single off his new album, Hang Cool Teddy Bear. The song is called Los Angeloser, and while it isn’t typical Meat Loaf fare, I’m loving it. Which is good because I absolutely detest the rest of the album, which isn’t due out in North America until May (but came out on Tuesday in the UK). This makes me sad as I’ve really enjoyed every other album (with the exception of Welcome to the Neighborhood from the mid-90’s, but even it grew on me).

Meat Loaf – Los Angeloser

“Cuz my heart belongs to you my love is pure and true my heart belongs to you. but my cock is community property”
This line sums up perfectly this next song, Steel Panther’s, Community Property. They are a satirical heavy metal band, and absolutely HILARIOUS! This video is not exactly NSFW, but it is the clean version (ie. they say cock instead of dick).

Steel Panther – Community Property


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