I don’t want to be an overweight dad

Last year I started losing weight. I’m 6′ tall and at the beginning of 2009 weighed in at almost 250lbs. Ugh. So my wife an I embarked on a journey of Weight Watchers and DVD aerobics. I sweated my ass off to Burning Fat for Dummies, and by April was down almost 25lbs. But by then her pregnancy horomones were kicking in and she stopped the Weight Watchers and aerobics. I didn’t fare well attempting to do Weight Watchers alone, and while I continued with the aerobics, they quickly fell by the wayside also.

I sat between 225-230 for the rest of the year, but as I’ve settled into this sedintary lifestyle that is a SAHD of a baby, I’m back up to 235. Ugh again.

So I’m jumping back on the Weight Watchers band wagon, and I’ve also started running. I’m also hoping to get my back back in working order and start biking again, something I used to love with a passion.

Now all this exercise and weight loss wasn’t just because I felt disgusted with my body, but because I didn’t want to be one of those overweight dads that broke into a sweat the moment they started playing with their kids. (no offense to those dad’s that are like that, i just didn’t want to be like that) I want to play with my son as he grows older. I want to run around in the grass with him, wrestle with him, play sports together. I want him to be physically fit, and don’t want to be a hypocrit about it. I want to be an example of what it means to be fit and in shape.

So with the start of this running regiment, I’m also starting some exercises at home: situps, chinups, pushups (what’s with all the ups? why not downs?), and some resistance work with some exercise bands. I’m currently at 235ish (depending on the last time I visited the men’s room) and would like to be down to 215-220 by the end of June. I figure it is reasonable to drop 15-20lbs in the next two months. Especially since I am starting to run, starting to play with Bean more, and starting Weight Watchers again.

I’d really like to start working out in a gym again, but the extra $50/mo just isn’t feasible right now. Besides, I have enough other hobbies that I could put that $50/mo to good use in. 🙂

Here’s to becoming an in-shape dad and showing my son what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.


5 thoughts on “I don’t want to be an overweight dad

  1. I can understand the battle. When my daughter was born I was fifty pounds over weight. I couldn’t afford the gym or have time to go with kid and home duty. It took almost two years but I made it. I did cardio, yoga dvd’s and free weights. We cooked most every meal. The garden helped with veggies. I used nap time to sneak in a work outs. The best of luck on your journey. It is a great thing to do for yourself and your family.

  2. All the power to you. I’m around 190 ish, which is normal for a 6’3″ guy, but it’s the location of the fat particles that frustrates me.

    Why can’t it make it’s way to my calves?

  3. @Eric new meaning to the term “the fatted calf”? haha

    Good luck honey, I appreciate all the hard work you’re putting in to be healthy and positive for our family.

  4. Calories in vs. Calories out. If you can cut out a few junk meals a week and get active (be it cardio, playing with your kid, or strength training), the weight will come off. Good luck!

  5. @ed: Thanks, and congrats! I figure with summer and all the gardening I’ll be doing (plus all the veggies) that will help.
    @Eric: Don’t you just wish you could rearrange them at will? lol
    @Mama Bean: Thank hun. 🙂
    @Jim: That’s the plan. Decrease calories in, increase calories out. And cut out the junk which has somehow been on the rise.

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