Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday VI

Cuteness in a hat
Tried to take a picture of the tooth coming in, instead he tried to eat the camera
Bean and Dad hanging out
Bean and Dad at the park
Yes, I am a bad parent.

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7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday VI

  1. Dude, that laptop picture is awesome…actually they all are. That is a frickin’ cute kid. Congrats on being the first ever link for DB WW! — Don’t forget to add a badge. Solidarity.

  2. @Joe: I posted just as I saw the WW badge. 🙂 Thanks.
    @Eric: Man, it’s bad enough when my wife drinks coffee. It goes in, and I swear comes right out the breast into his little mouth. I do think Starbucks should make sippy cups though. Him on the computer with a starbucks sippy cup would be awesome.
    @Gylcol: Thanks, I’m a bass player. Cort fretless on the left, and an Ibanez 5-string on the right. 🙂 They play great and make awesome wall decorations.

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