Dear Bean


Dear Bean,

You can now sit up by yourself, and it makes me so proud! Now, technically I know this is just another milestone, and you’ve been slowly starting to sit by yourself for about a week now, but today I sat you down (with pillows around you, we learned from the bump on the hardwood last week) and I went and did laundry while you amused yourself, while sitting! It’s awesome! It opens up a whole new world of self-amusement for yourself. It means I can sit you down somewhere, and I don’t have to worry about having your bumbo there, or your command center, or somewhere soft to lay you down. I can just sit you down on your little butt and you’ll be just fine. Awesome!

Next up, crawling!




4 thoughts on “Sitting!

  1. Ah yes, crawling. As my son now dashes back and forth banging into absolutely everything in his path, I look back at the good old days when he could not get himself into too much trouble just sitting there. Then again, it is a lot of fun chasing him around and hearing his infectious laughter as he scurries off 😉

  2. We just got a bumbo for Cole last night – He’s not really ready for it yet, but even at just over two months, he sits in it shockingly well. I’m definitely a fan of the thing.

  3. @NewYorkDad: Everyone tells us that when he becomes mobile we’ll long for the days when he wasn’t. And the same goes for talking, but I’m looking forward to both. 🙂

    @Drew: Bumbo’s are amazing (if hugely overpriced). We used it at about 2 months as well, though not much. The back was the perfect height for him to rest the base of his head against. It was pretty cute. 🙂

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