Moving on

So I haven’t been on WordPress for very long now, and this whole Mr. Storage didn’t pan out the way I was thinking it would, but that’s okay. It pushed me to clarify my vision, so I’ve launched a new blog, with my own domain!

I’ve also split my blog into two. You can now find posts centering around my life as a dad over at A Twisted Christian Dad and my posts on Christian Theology at Twisted Christian Theology. Both these blogs are hosted on my twistedchristian.ca domain. I’m really excited to have them setup and running.

Here is my intro post with a brief overview of my new site, Welcome to a Twisted Christian Dad. I have multiple RSS feeds setup, so feel free to subscribe to either or both sites. You can also sign up for email updates.

So those of you with links to this site in your blogroll, please update to my new sites and update your RSS feeds and unsubscribe from this one, as I will no longer be updating here. This new blog will be the 4th incarnation of my blog, and should be the last. I thank you for reading what I have to say, and hope you will join me in my new digs. I am very excited about them.

I would like to find a way to link them, so it lets the other blog know when there’s an update, so we’ll see how that pans out.

And while you’re checking out my new blog, stop by and check out my wife’s blog at mamabean.ca


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